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Recal is a health and weight loss optimisation system powered by science.

The Recal protocol uses leading edge scientific research to help you lose weight and heal your metabolism.  

Our team of dedicated health specialists work with you to discover and set your health goals and help you achieve these through sustainable behaviour change, and our supportive community is with you every step of the way.


how we can help

For many, the body’s metabolism doesn’t function as it should. Weight, energy, sleep, skin, and more are negatively affected. It’s a downward spiral in both physical and mental health. That’s where we come in. Simply put, we heal your metabolism and get your body’s biochemistry working as it should. Here’s how we can help:

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Health programmes

Get your body’s metabolism functioning as it should through one of our science-based, holistic programmes. Increased energy and focus, better sleep and weight loss are just the beginning.

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3D body scanning

Understand your body in whole new way. Unlock over 200 physical metrics including body composition and posture reports. Perfect for tracking your progress or simply gaining more insight into your body.

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Personalised testing

Reach your goals more efficiently and take the guess work out of what’s right for you. Receive specific, tailored recommendations based on your current genetic expression and metabolic state.

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Kind words from our community

“Jay, Sean and the crew will give you the knowledge, education, support and encouragement to get you started on a journey that will change your life (and possibly save it!). These guys have a tried, tested, true and achievable programme that will get you started on becoming a better, healthier, more energetic, focused and radiant you. Go ahead, do it! You won’t regret it.”

— Adam Bicklnell*


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