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Food, mood and your gut

We live in a world where health is often equated with our physical size. In order to be healthy you must fit within conventional standards. This concept is called weight bias.


April 19, 2018

Just how important is sleep?

We’ve been conditioned to think of health and wellness as what we eat and how we move. In actual fact, perhaps the biggest factor in how we feel is something very, very basic. It’s our sleep.


April 11, 2018

Exercise. Why it matters

Movement is such a vital part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Our incredible bodies have been designed to walk, dance, play, move, jump, skip and run. Yet we generally don't fulfil its potential.


April 1, 2018

Unexpected time pockets to exercise

Don’t have time to exercise? Our lives are extremely busy trying to juggle everything, children, career, chores, partners, pets and the list continues… What if you did have the time and didn’t realise?


March 4, 2018

Ways to include movement into your day-to-day life

Our lives are extremely busy trying to juggle everything, children, career, chores, partners, pets and the list continues. Exercise can seem like just one for thing on the to do list. But, what if you did have the time and didn’t realise?


February 7, 2018

Counting sheep and can't sleep?

In our last article, we looked at the importance of sleep for our health. If you missed it, or need a refresher you can read the article here. However, despite knowing how vital sleep is for our health, falling and staying asleep is an issue many of us face.


January 14, 2018

All about intermittent fasting

Fasting protocols have undergone somewhat of a renaissance over the past few years with the rise of movements like Paleo and Primal which tend to advocate ‘Intermittent Fasting’ or ‘compressed eating windows,’ and the 5:2 Diet by British TV journalist Michael Mosley.


Design personal rituals

Personal rituals are critically important for the development of effective systems and also creating a life that is unique and enjoyable to you.

Behaviour Change

How to align your environment with your goals

We’ve all probably heard of the term self-sabotage. Sometimes without even realising it we put ourselves in situations where our environment doesn’t support success.

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Coconut yoghurt, berry drops

The perfect, little treat, that’s not too sweet.


Food freedom and body wisdom

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about food freedom and its connection to body wisdom. It can seem counterintuitive to talk about fasting and the ketogenic diet or low carb high fat nutrition as food freedom when in essence there is restriction of food altogether or carbohydrates.

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5 easy meal prep items

One of the common barriers for people making - and eating - healthy food is time. Let’s face it, by the end of the day when we’re tired, hungry (and cold in winter) the last thing we feel like is spending an hour getting food on the table.

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Starting a new journey

So, here we are again. The beginning of a new journey. Most of us have probably made attempts in the past to get healthier, fitter or leaner. It can seem like the base of a mountain we’ve told ourselves to climb and conquer.

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Incremental change over short term thinking

One of the main problems we see with clients embarking on a wellness journey is somewhere along the way our need for instant gratification has replaced the knowledge we intrinsically know; that success is not a linear process. Even while utilizing the best evidence-based approach to health and wellbeing we still have to implement these strategies consistently.

Behaviour Change

Smoked fish pie / Serves 6

Description Dairy free or like eating Paleo meals? This smoked fie pie is so close to a traditional recipe you won’t know the difference. Ditch the mashed potato for a tasty cauliflower mash and swap out dairy for some coconut cream. These flavours are a win all round. Ideal for your Sunday night dinner.


Becoming Keto adapted

There’s a lot of terms thrown around in the nutrition sphere. To help you understand the science and how to best make use of this programme we’re going to break down some of the more confusing terms. The first, and most important, term to understand is keto adaptation. This term is used interchangeably with fat adaptation.


The difference between Keto, LCHF, and Paleo

While our default protocol for the first stages of the Dot Aotearoa Project is ketogenic nutrition, this doesn’t mean the protocol can’t be adapted to individual needs. One way coaches might do this is to include a small amount of carbs if your situation needs it. We call this approach Low Carb, High Fat or LCHF for short.

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Vegetables. Why they matter

It can be easy when starting a nutrition protocol like Keto or LCHF to focus heavily on the restriction or the macronutrient numbers you need to hit. While total macronutrient ratios are important, we also need to remember the foundations of any healthy approach to eating that will help your body to thrive. By this I mean vegetables. Or more importantly, micronutrients.

Dots Blog

Could sitting down too much be killing us?

We often think about the physical activity we do in terms of more intense and structured sessions of targeted exercise. Think a gym session, going for a run or playing a team sport. issue with being sedentary; sitting.

Dots Blog

The science of goal setting; creating powerful habits.

How often do we set goals for ourselves? "In five weeks I'll be x weight..." "I'm going to buy this dress in a size 10 because I'll fit it next month." Often we are so fixated on the result or our goal that we forget to think about the process. What the journey to reaching your goals might actually look like. Here at re:cal we prefer to look at consistent habits rather than rigid goals.

Behaviour Change

Coconut and tamari baked salmon

Melt in your mouth and full of flavour, this creamy yet zesty marinade combines an array of Asian flavours to create one tasty salmon dish.


What is keto flu, and how can you manage it?

For many of us, the early stages of a keto diet, or a low carb diet (where total carbs are low, but higher than 5% of your total calories) there is a period of adjustment where you might feel worse, before you feel better.


A new chapter

Recal has progressed to a point where it is ready to grow into its next stage of evolution, Sean will be taking the reins for this next chapter and guiding Recal into the future.


Smokey BBQ chicken thighs

These smokey BBQ chicken thighs pack a punch! Team with a fresh and zesty salsa and salad for that winner, winner, chicken dinner.


All or nothing mentality - the dangers

We see this all the time. People are great on a diet Monday to Friday. Each day is full of healthy habits, exercise and good nutrition. Come the weekend though, one Almond Croissant at a cafe on Saturday morning spells two full days of non-stop eating - we aren’t talking spinach here either!


Insulin and your body

Maintaining a healthy insulin balance is how you reduce inflammation and manage your long-term risk for type two diabetes, coronary disease and a raft of other pressing health concerns including cancer. This is all well and good, but how do you know if you have a healthy insulin balance? Do you know if you have insulin resistance? If you don’t know, here's some tips for how you might find out, and how you can reverse it.


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