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Inspired by his personal journey and passion for health, sports scientist Jay Harrison developed Recal in 2017.

After 20 years in the health and fitness industry Jay found a formula that transformed his Mother, helping her lose 15kgs in 5 weeks and reversing her pre-diabetes diagnosis. He then transformed this formula into a programme that has successfully served close to 20,000 people.

After a period of chronic stress he gained weight and felt his health slipping away. He knew he needed to make a change. In essence, he needed to recalibrate.

Through his desire to find answers he quickly discovered how fundamental and crucial other aspects of health and lifestyle were for long term sustainable change.

Founder Jay Harrison

Founder Jay Harrison

Recal CEO Sean Robertson in action at a Simon Gault breakfast event

Recal CEO Sean Robertson in action at a Simon Gault breakfast event

Building on the foundations he already knew, Jay took these new discoveries and, along with Nutritionist Sean Robertson, engineered the Recal Method – a scientific, evidence-based, holistic and supportive approach, focusing on the 7 pillars of recal.

The team has since expanded not to only have a Nutritionist and Sport Scientist, but also a Behaviour Change Coach, Identity and Mindset Guru, and Fitness Coach. Their extensive knowledge and experience all contribute to the programmes and methods used and provide a well rounded approach to health.

Recal is constantly evolving to reflect advancements in health and science research and technology. It is a movement; a fusion of science and holistic health.

The power of the movement is driven by the individual journeys brought together by our supportive community.

We would love you to join. 

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