There is no 'one way’ to heal your metabolism and there is no 'quick fix’.

To effectively heal it you need to make key adjustments to your health from a multitude of angles. We have identified them as our 7 pillars. Real, sustainable change comes from a combination of them all.

In essence, the accumulative power of focussing on all of these pillars is significantly greater than focussing on each individually. You get compounding results.

  1. Sleep

    Arguably the most important aspect of your health, sleep is one of the most significant factors in regulating weight. How many hours do you need? How does it affect weight loss? How does it affect your immune system. Literally sleep yourself to better across-the-board health benefits.

  2. Eating chronobiology

    Studies have shown that WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. The timing of your meals really does make a difference. Health markers improve substantially when you are cooperating with your natural internal circadian clocks.

  3. Gut microflora

    Your gut is your engine. This is where the magic happens to keep you fuelled and functioning. Your complex microbiome of microorganisms is your best friend. Take care of your bacteria and they will take care of you.

  4. Nutrition

    Everyone knows you are what you eat. Nutrition is your medicine and your fuel. When you eat in a way that lets your metabolism work as it should, you remove hormonal and biochemical blockages. So you allow positive change to take place.

  5. Movement

    It only takes 2 hours a week to improve your health through exercise. You were born to move and interact with the world. Your body is the only vessel you have to experience your life! Keeping active helps you to function and feel better.

  6. Hydration

    The solution to pollution is dilution. Your most important nutrient is water. Everything you do requires water to be present, and good hydration means your body’s biochemistry is free to flow and work as needed for good health.

  7. Psychology

    The body cannot thrive without the mind. For every aspect of health, your thinking will lead the way. Especially for long term health changes and to avoid cyclical dieting, you need to adjust the way you think and align your mental track with your vision.


All of our programmes cover our 7 pillars. We’ll educate you on the latest science and research behind each one.

You’ll never think of sleep in the same way, you’ll understand how crucial gut health is, and you’ll be more aware of how your body works and how each of these pillars are interlinked and vital for optimal health and weight loss.