Traditionally, people who embark on a health journey measure success by stepping on the scales. Measuring only weight is simply not a true representation of how your body and health are improving.

Available at our Auckland clinic, our 3D Body Scan offers a highly accurate, non-invasive body-shape and measurement report covering 200+ body metrics.

Providing actionable insights in 40 seconds this complete 360° body scan extracts the most commonly used heath measurements you need to start and track your journey.

The perfect addition to any one of our programmes, or simply as a stand alone guide to understand your body and track your progress.

  • Available at our Auckland clinic

  • 40 seconds to scan

  • Highly accurate

  • Non-invasive

  • Body shape and measurement report with over 200+ body metrics

Why get a scan?

  • To understand where you are at and create a baseline with precise measurements

  • To gain a deeper understanding of your body’s biometrics

  • To implement a personalised plan based on the results

  • To keep you motivated, accountable to your goals and track your progress

  • To see how your body changes as you progress in your journey

  • To identify imbalances in muscle symmetry, strength, flexibility and joint mechanics that could be restricting your progress

What you get:

Over 200 body metrics including:

  • Body composition and body shape rating

  • Body fat %

  • Wellness metrics including specific body measurements including waist, hips, biceps, thighs and calves

  • Fat free mass

  • Waist-to-hip, trunk to leg ratios

  • Posture and balance analysis

  • Body shape and wellness score

3D Body Scan
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