the 4 week summer kickstart

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We know conventional weight loss methods don't work and we don’t believe in 'fad diets'. We use rigorously researched strategies to help you lose weight and optimise your health in a safe, sustainable way.

We do this through healing your metabolism – the chemical processes that occur within your body to keep you functioning and alive. We repair the foundation of how your body operates through focusing on 7 pillars of health.

When you heal your metabolism, weight loss happens naturally as a result.

This programme is 4 weeks of full metabolic recalibration, awesome results, and support from the community, plus guidance from our specialist team; Nutritionist, Sports Scientist, Behaviour Change Specialist, Identity Coach, and Fitness Coach! We cover the whole spectrum.


this is for you if…

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  •  You have a focus on weight loss and are wanting to kick start that journey before summer hits

  • You’re wanting to be given the tools, schedule and direction on how to achieve this, and the support to make sure you get there in fine form

This is a push before the Christmas season to look good, feel great, and get buzzing inside and out. All while sharing the journey with like-minded individuals through our online community. We’re gonna be like a family by the end of it!


what you’ll get

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  • The printable Recal Kickstart Protocol which includes:

    • Clear, easy to follow instructions to heal your metabolism, optimise your health and ultimately lose weight through our 7 pillars of health

    • 20 recipes filled with delicious (and easy to create) meals that nourish your body and mind

    • Seasonal Produce Guide

    • Sneaky Sugars Guide

    • Recal Guide to Eating Out

    • Goal setting and decisional coaching tools

  • Daily guidance, video content and posts, resources, and support from our diverse and specialised team – Nutritionist, Sports Scientist, Behaviour Change Specialist, Identity Coach, and Fitness Coach!

  • Two educational and inspiring seminars at our Parnell clinic, covering the programme in more depth. You can meet the team and others in the programme, plus enjoy delicious taste testing of some of our favourite health brands

  • Access to a private Facebook community group with others sharing your journey. You’ll have direct access to our team to ask any questions you may have, or simply to share your experiences. We are here to help, every step of the way. You are not doing this alone.

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2018 4 Week Summer Kickstart
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Optional personalisation:

We recommend adding even more depth to your programme with one of our personalised testing options. This allows your programme to be tailored specifically to your body’s needs.

*Available only at our Auckland clinic

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